Eh, Banange!

Banange Brewing Company strives to bring hand-crafted beer of the highest quality to the lips of people in Uganda. Our ales are dressed to impress, with generous servings of a wide range of hops and brewed only with the finest locally produced and malted barley.  

Banange is a Luganda word which roughly translates to "Oh my gosh!", and is commonly heard in bars across the country.


the team

Banange was co-founded by Adam and Pall, who met through their mutual passion for freestyle kayaking on the Nile. We're a hard-working team with a wide range of talents & interests.
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Pall, originally born in Iceland, has been based in Uganda since 2011, previously working as a consultant in agriculture and digital finance. His favorite hop is Citra, but Adam won’t let him use it in every recipe. He spends most of his free time doing involuntary yoga and convincing friends coming from abroad to pack light so they can fit a board game.  His Uber passenger rating is 4.79.




Adam is a Canadian living in Uganda since early 2014. He used to run a solar company but stopped doing that when he discovered beer. He is passionate about the outdoors and loves animals (not horses).

He has a limited sense of smell and claims this doesn't heighten his other sensory abilities.



Assistant Brewer

Edmund was born in the eastern region of Uganda where he used to work as a farmer. His food and crop of choice is cassava. He moved to Kampala 4 years ago to work as a night guard which he says was too boring. When it comes to brewing, his favorite part is washing fermenters and least favorite adding yeast to wort because it stresses him out.

Bottle returns

There are several ways to return your empty bottles:

- Return 6 empties via Jumia party and get a beer in return (equivalent of 1.500 deposit). Delivered to your doorstep!
- Return at selected supermarkets in exchange for fresh beers (available at all Carrefour stores; The Hub Lubowa; Embassy Supermarket Nsambya) or beer/cash* (available at Millenium Kisementi; Airgate Entebbe)
- Return at our brewery in exchange for fresh beers or cash* (open mon-sat, 9-5pm)

*Due to recent regulatory changes, cash buy-backs are subject to VAT charges (18%)

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